Godfrey Bloom’s problem isn’t just being offensive; it’s being deeply ignorant

When it comes to half-baked, only terribly, slightly sorry if you really make me say it, type apologies, that of regularly controversial UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom for his ‘Bongo Bongo land’ comments is right up there:

I used a term which I subsequently gather under certain circumstances could be interpreted as pejorative to individuals and possibly cause offence.

His half-hearted apology however reveals another problem: his amazing ignorance.

To manage to avoid noticing until just now that ‘Bongo bongo land’ is such a controversial phrase shows an impressive degree of detachment from modern British life, or indeed previous political blunders by other politicians.

To be so massively out of touch with Britain, its society, its political history and its language to only just now, in the summer of 2013, notice the issue with the phrase is a rare feat. And someone who is so out of touch and so ignorant is failing in one of the most basic tasks of any elected representative in a democracy.

Next up: UKIP MEP expresses surprise at noticing that few people use horses to travel about, perhaps?


2 responses to “Godfrey Bloom’s problem isn’t just being offensive; it’s being deeply ignorant”

  1. If he’s henceforth addressed and referred to as Bongo Bongo Bloom he’ll probably get it in due course.

  2. I think you’d be absolutley amazed at the number of people who agree with Mr Bloom. They may be discreet about the Bongo Bongo but are pig sick of us giving aid to corrupt countries. Every day I’m one step closer to voing UKIP, but still, oddly, a Gardian reader.

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