The future of doorstep political campaigning: clipboards with a German technological twist

Now this is the ultimate canvasser’s tool, which I picked for my Christmas gift idea over on Lib Dem Voice.

No longer do you to have to make a mess of juggling canvass cards, out leaflets, posters, postal vote forms, membership forms and more. Instead take out on the doorstep with you a clipboard with multiple pockets. Suddenly keeping all those piece of paper neat and easy to find becomes a snap.

A wonder of German engineering to keep you going until the day the holograms arrive, or at least the canvassing simulators.

Semikolon clipboard

You can buy own own Semikolon clipboard here.

Semikolon 3 Pocket Clipboard
Wonderfully obvious yet novel design
My rating (out of 5): 4.0
Mark Pack, 6 December 2013 |

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