There’s nothing embarrassing about employing immigrants

As Adam Bienkov tweeted this morning about Danny Alexander:

Danny Alexander’s initial interview answers weren’t quite as smooth as they could have been – because, by the sounds of it, he initially misunderstood an ambiguous question.

Yet even the newspapers only too ready to put the boot in, have rather more balanced stories once you get beyond the headline (see the Mirror, for example).

That may well be helped by the fact that many in the media penning words on the story themselves employ immigrants, holding them back from simply editorialising that all immigration employment is always wrong.

And quite right too. Because the alternative to employing immigrants is to argue that my parents – both immigrants – should have both been permanently unemployed or left the country. If you think employing immigrants is wrong, tell me why I shouldn’t be here and why my childhood should have been in a household of permanent unemployment.

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