Cervical cancer jab

Mark Cole Malcolm Coles (sorry!) has done a great job chronicling the spread online of misinformation about the cervical cancer jab (aka HPV vaccination), which newspapers have got the story wrong and how quickly or not they’ve moved to update and correct their information.

As today’s post shows, inaccurate information still comes out very highly in the search results. So here’s a reminder that you can get authoritative information about the cervical cancer jab from the NHS.

UPDATE: There’s a comment on Mark’s blog post from someone in the NHS (online) marketing team – good work reaching out in this way – who says:

The best page to push from an SEO perspective would be this one on NHS Choices – – good video on it too – anything that can be done to bump this up would be great!

Why not link to it from your blog or website too if you have one?

2 responses to “Cervical cancer jab”

  1. Hi Malcolm, er, Mark! I’ve blogged a fuller post on how we can help get sensible NHS advice into the first page of Google results. It’s here:

    Anything you can do to help (EG publicise) would be great.

    Also, the link you’ve given above is copied from the comments section of my blog. As a result, it has a rel=”nofollow” tag on it, which is stopping google counting the link as a vote. If you look at the HTML view of your blog you should be able to remove this. If you don’t know what the hell I’m on about, email me!

  2. Sigh. Spot the post written in too much haste before munching my sandwich 🙂 Will correct and also take a look at your post. Possibly at a more sedate pace this time.

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