Electoral Commission says: no polling station selfies here

I’ve blogged before about the fashion for electoral selfies in Holland, with people taking photos of themselves at polling stations.

As I said then:

There are some secrecy rules in Britain which could effect selfies (such as regarding the official mark, exit polls and the reference to how voters shall โ€œsecretly mark his paperโ€).

The Electoral Commission has decided to urge caution in the UK when it comes to taking selfies inside polling stations:

The law relating to obtaining information in polling stations and disclosing such information is complex. Given the risk that someone taking a photo inside a polling station may be in breach of the law, whether intentionally or not, our advice is that you should not allow photos to be taken inside polling stations.

Although taking a cautious attitude is sensible when the law is complicated, the Electoral Commission recommends that Returning Officers go a little bit further and make unequivocal statements that photography is banned:

You should ensure that all polling station staff are aware of this guidance. You might also want to consider displaying a notice inside polling stations to make clear that photography of any kind (including photos taken on mobile phones) is not permitted.


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