Millions of pounds is being spent subsidising gun owners in London

So points out a press release from London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon:

New figures obtained by Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, have revealed the Metropolitan Police Service are subsidising gun owners by millions of pounds each year.

Last year over £3 million was spent by the Met in issuing gun licences, and since 2008 the total cost to the Met has been in excess of £20 million. Yet with the annual cost for a gun licence being just £10 (£50 for a five year licence) the amount raised by the licence fees is now just a quarter of the real bill facing the Met in carrying out vital checks before issuing gun licences.

The central reason for the huge subsidy for gun owners is that the fees for obtaining a gun licence have remained frozen since 2001.

Commenting on the unrealistically low fees Caroline Pidgeon said:

“Something is seriously wrong when it costs more to obtain a licence to fish for salmon and sea trout than to own a gun.”

“When there are so many pressures on police resources it is indefensible that the Met should be subsidising gun owners by millions of pounds every year.

“The full cost of carrying out vital checks before the issuing of gun licences should be paid for entirely by gun owners themselves.

“I hope the Mayor will now join me in persuading the Prime Minster to make this much needed change.”

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