Will the Conservatives deal with racism in the Orpington PPC selection?

Leaked emails published by Duncan Borrowman reveal a dismal state of affairs in the Orpington Conservative party, with Councillor Peter Hobbins writing comments such as, “Why are the Candidates Department so keen on these foreign names?!!!” and criticising members of the Conservative Party’s list of approved candidates for not having “a ‘normal’ English name”.

Duncan’s post says,

Racism is alive and kicking in Orpington Conservatives, as revealed in a couple of emails sent on the Bromley Council email system to their local councillors and constituency chairman in the early hours of this morning, and leaked to me today.

You can read the full story – and read the emails – on Duncan Borrowman’s blog. [Update: or rather could, as Duncan’s site is no longer public.]

As my surname isn’t a ‘normal’ English name either, perhaps it’s a good thing I’m not wanting to be Conservative MP for Orpington…


UPDATE: Evening Standard coverage here and Bromley Shopper here – including the news that the Conservative councillor has been suspended from the party.

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