What is going on in Southend?

Allegations of intimidation, harassment, vandalism and more in a fall out between Conservative councillor Jason Luty and the Residents Association of Westborough (RAW).

The local CouncilBust blog reports:

Dr Jason Luty, Conservative councillor for Eastwood Park, has claimed that RAW is a politically- motivated organisation that has embarked on a campaign to victimise him.

Cllr Luty has also asserted that Martin Terry, independent councillor for Westborough, controls RAW and is behind the campaign.

At the same time, members of RAW and Cllr Terry have claimed that Cllr Luty has been deliberately attacking RAW by harassing its members, threatening their properties and using vandalism…

Cllr Terry claims that, after several RAW meetings being disrupted by Cllr Luty, he was asked to explain his actions. Cllr Terry alleges that Cllr Luty refused to do so, and in response, staged a protest outside the next RAW meeting…

Mr Glover [Secretary of RAW] has taken many of Cllr Luty’s actions to be threats, saying: “Cllr Luty has sent letters through doors in Westborough advising residents to check their home insurance policy if they are displaying RAW posters. Letters like were posted to Longthorne’s Chemist on London Road, all from false addresses.”

There are also counter-accusations from Jason Luty and a rather odd statement from him (currently a Conservative councillor, remember) about how he is going to stand as an “Independent” candidate in the next election.

All sounds very, very strange and disturbing. Anyone able to shed light on what’s happening?

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