The top five local Liberal Democrat websites in 2008

Based on the amount of traffic they’ve passed on to www.libdems.org.uk in 2008, the top five local Liberal Democrat sites (excluding blogs) were (with changes in brackets from last year’s top five):

  1. stevebeasant.mycouncillor.org.uk (NEW)
  2. vincentcable.org.uk (+2)
  3. Brent Liberal Democrats (-2)
  4. henleylibdems.org.uk (NEW)
  5. gloucester-libdems.co.uk (NEW)

Steve’s new entry at the top of the list is very impressive, particularly as his site is based on his ward, rather than a whole Parliamentary constituency or council area. It’s a bit of a borderline judgement whether or not his site counts as a blog, though if it did, it would still appear in the blog top five.

Vince Cable’s rise has accompanied the rise in his national profile. The level of traffic generated by Brent’s site continues to impress, whilst Henley’s presence in the top five is largely due to the Parliamentary by-election there, just as the Ealing and Sedgefield sites featured in the 2007 list for similar reasons. Finally, congratulations too to Gloucester for their appearance.

The top five for 2007 were:

  1. Brent Liberal Democrats
  2. ealinglibdems.org.uk
  3. lorelyburt.org.uk
  4. vincentcable.org.uk
  5. Sedgefield Liberal Democrats

Footnote: yes, yes, I know there’s much more to how good a site is than how much traffic it passes to www.libdems.org.uk. But it’s an interesting measure of how different sites do and is an outcome that generates benefits for the party both locally and centrally.

Coming tomorrow – the five blogs which passed the most traffic to www.libdems.org.uk.

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