Labservative.com: reaction so far

Earlier today Stephen covered the launch of www.labservative.com saying,

The Labservative pitch is clear enough: Labour and the Tories are way too similar, and neither is capable of producing change. It’s a familiar enough Lib Dem campaign charge. It’s a pleasantly unfamiliar position for the party to be making the point in a wittily Web 2.0 way. Well done, Cowley Street!

The site is already doing very well at garnering coverage – and positive coverage no less (did someone mutter CashGordon?):

  • Lib Dems target ‘Labservatives’ with guerilla advertising campaign – The Guardian
  • The Lib Dems have launched quite an effective site attacking the Labour Tory duopoly on power in Britain since the war – James Forsyth, Coffee House Blog
  • Gosh. The Lib Dems have finally done it … causing a stir on Twitter – Danny Finkelstein, The Times
  • Something tells me Gorvid Camerown could become quite a star – Will Heaven, The Telegraph
  • A slightly tongue-in-cheek, off-centre approach is a welcome addition to the election campaign, and appears to show a greater understanding of new media than the recent, disastrous attempts by the Conservatives – Samira Shackle, New Statesman
  • A cracking attack on the status quo – Guido Fawkes

That’s a pretty impressive set of reactions, including from those who often have a rude word or two to say about the Liberal Democrats. Even if no-one visits the site ever again, that range of coverage will in itself have taken the message to a wide audience. Including the French.

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