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Get Lib Dem campaign buttons for your website

A set of automatically updated campaign buttons is available for Liberal Democrat websites displaying the latest news about the party and also the latest campaign videos. … Read the full post »


Don’t forget to vote (oh and, er, please vote for me)

This ballot is open to voting conference reps (this time round – party conference has agreed in principle to change this for future elections). Voters should have either received an email with a link to voting and the candidate manifestos or had a posted mailing. In this contest I’m restanding for the Federal Policy Committee; see my FPC … Read the full post »


Liberal Democrat federal committee elections: Q&A

A few questions are repeatedly coming up about the elections currently being held for various Liberal Democrat federal party committees. So I’ve put together this unofficial Q&A. Unofficial, but I hope helpful and neutral, save for the last question… Q. What posts are up for election? A. 15 posts on the Federal Executive (FE), 15 … Read the full post »