Read about the 2013 local elections, held on the first Thursday in May (not February). The contests were in England, save for the Isle of Anglesey, whose council elections had been postponed from the previous year.


Two BNP members arrested over election leaflet

Two activists from the far-right British National party (BNP) in Cumbria have been arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred over an election leaflet that apparently equated Polish people with monkeys. … Read the full post »


Lancashire election results: worth a second look

Superficially, the story in Lancashire last week was of huge Labour gains, falling just short of getting control of the county council. Dig a bit further, however, and Labour’s result raises questions about the party’s organisational revival. For Labour, Lancashire should be the heart of their great organisational revival. It is where Arnie Graf and … Read the full post »