Zac Goldsmith was elected Conservative MP for Richmond Park in 2010, defeating Liberal Democrat Susan Kramer. He ran for London Mayor in 2016 and lost.


Liberal Democrat Newswire #77: why didn’t incumbency save more Lib Dem MPs?

Liberal Democrat Newswire #77 came out earlier this week, with new data on the party’s selections for the 2015 general election and a look at which incumbency didn’t save more Lib Dem MPs in 2015. … Read the full post »


What does the Zac Goldsmith case mean for election expense controls in future?

It’s always tempting to view the verdict of investigations through a partisan filter – if ‘your side’ does not get punished, it’s a great result by a wise team of investigators; if on the other hand it does get punished, it’s a muddle-headed verdict from dangerously ignorant investigators, whether that means the police, the courts or a regulator. … Read the full post »