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It’s good to type

30 August 2014

Microsoft found that 43pc of bosses think being able to type is a crucial work skill but more than four out of 10 British workers peck away at their keyboard with just one or two fingers – and more than half can’t hit the 50 word per minute (wpm) minimum.


97885: text messages are genuinely from Vodafone

19 August 2014

I recently received a text message from 97885, claiming to be from Vodafone and asking me to reply and take part in a survey.


Kingston Liberal says ‘Vote Labour’: a leaflet from 1945

26 August 2014

Anthony Asquith, son of Liberal Prime Minister H.H. Asquith, stunt double in Boadicea and respected film director, never quite fulfilled the promise of his talent.

Media & PR

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a media manipulator

27 August 2014

You certainly shouldn't take as an instruction manual Ryan Holiday's accounts of how he regularly manipulated, bamboozled and fooled bloggers and the media into running false, exaggerated and self-serving stories.