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Which book most shaped your political views?

2 September 2014

The Guardian's recent feature, A book that changed me: we want your choices, got me thinking about which book most influenced my political views.


A new way to clear mines: use plants

1 September 2014

The chemicals which leak out from mines are poisonous to some plants, so if you inspect the right plants over a suspect area, the patches of dead plants will then reveal where there are mines to be cleared.


Kingston Liberal says ‘Vote Labour’: a leaflet from 1945

26 August 2014

Anthony Asquith, son of Liberal Prime Minister H.H. Asquith, stunt double in Boadicea and respected film director, never quite fulfilled the promise of his talent.

Media & PR

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a media manipulator

27 August 2014

You certainly shouldn't take as an instruction manual Ryan Holiday's accounts of how he regularly manipulated, bamboozled and fooled bloggers and the media into running false, exaggerated and self-serving stories.