The bit of that leaked Labour document no-one is quoting

You might have though from headlines such as Revealed: Labour MPs told not to campaign on immigration in secret Ukip strategy document and Leaked strategy document warns Labour not to talk about immigration that the leaked Labour campaigning document was full of advice on, well, not talking about immigration.

But what’s this on page 25?

Face the issue of immigration directly with identified UKIP supporters. With electors who have already indicated that they intend to vote for UKIP, we should set out our immigration policy clearly and explain how it resolves the issues people raise while forming part of our wider package of changes to how Britain works to make Britain fairer and more prosperous for everyone.

Turns out those media stories aren’t quite the full story… but rather puzzling too that Labour has been so unwilling to defend its own document where there in clear, plain language it says the opposite of what most of the reports wrongly claim in their exaggeration.

Another example to file under ‘reasons why it’s useful to read the actual reports the media are covering’.