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At last, a new fence in Stroud Green

19 April 2014

Phew. After five months, numerous emails, a fair number of phone calls and a few appeals to Haringey's Chief Executive, the fence outside Wall Court on Stroud Green Road has finally been fully repaired.


How social media is being used to map the conflict in Syria

18 April 2014

The Syria Conflict Mapping Project is an initiative launched by the [Carter] Center to examine the massive amounts of citizen-generated information related to the Syrian conflict that is available online.

Media & PR

Two things to note about the Daily Mail’s attacks on the Lib Dems over Cyril Smith

16 April 2014

It's not really about the Lib Dems or Cyril Smith. It's about press regulation. As the last line in the latest Daily Mail editorial says, "With people like these to contend with, could there be any more powerful argument for keeping politicians’ grubby hands off the freedom of the Press?"