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OMOV: the FE has submitted a mess to conference, so let’s sort it out

23 September 2014

The proposed changes are incomplete, introduced unplanned (and, in one case, very costly) side-effects and also fail to address the issues many people, myself included, raised during the consultation that any expansion of the electorate needs to be accompanied by measures to ensure that the wider electorate also has the chance to find out what those it elects then does in their name.


An unexpected benefit from the Y2K IT scare

20 September 2014

The absence of actual problems when 2000 arrived is either an indication of how well the whole issue was handled or a demonstration of how much fears were exaggerated.


The Fire of 1834: how much of Parliament was destroyed

20 September 2014

The story of the fire of 1834 that destroyed almost all of the original Palace of Westminster.

Media & PR

Vince Cable blocks privatisation of Channel 4

14 September 2014

Proposals to privatise Channel 4 were drawn up by the Government earlier this year but the idea was blocked by Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats.