Ever wanted to get a better deal for your community? Ever watched politicians and thought ‘I could do a better job’? This book reveals the secrets and skills you need to take the first step to power – getting elected.

Written by two experienced political insiders, it is a grass-roots guide to running an election campaign. It draws on successful tactics from around the world and presents the lessons in a digestible format.

Find out:

  • What vegetable marrows tell you about political campaigning
  • Why you must learn to hate trees
  • Why a picture isn’t worth a 1,000 words
  • Why the best form of advertising is also the very worst, and
  • Why communicating is like cooking

Make sure you are ones of those to benefit from the book’s top tips by buying the book today. It is available from Amazon (paperback and Kindle editions), the Guardian Bookshop or see Google Books for other sellers (look under ‘Get this book in print’ on the left).

It’s also available as a Kobo ebook and as an iBook via iTunes.

“Packed full of useful tips and insights … It covers all aspects of campaigning: people, money, messaging, meetings, and both online and offline” – Phil Cowley

“Jolly but serious” – The Parliamentary Bookshop

“It’s not just the structure that helps the book whip along, it’s also its jaunty irreverent tone” – Stephen Tall

“A rattling good read” – Tribune