Chasing the Digital Wave: international lessons for the 2015 UK general election

This week I took part in the Hansard Society’s Digital Wave event, a day-long conference as part of Parliament Week which mixed research findings from academics with reports from the 2012 US elections and the views of online campaigners. Here are some of the highlights of the day.

  1. Typo in the next tweet from me. It’s about the 2011 Danish election, not 2012.
  2. Studying how keen different candidates are to use social media, the researchers looking at Demnark found that…
  3. What the German study suggested instead was that the attitude of a candidate towards the internet overall (do they like using it?) influences how much they use it for their political activity. A desire to keep up with rival candidates doesn’t encourage more use.
  4. For more on that Romney tech failure see my blog post Romney’s polling day technology meltdown – Orca.
  5. And some overall thoughts on the day…

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