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Wide-eyed and legless: Insider the Tour de France – a classic worthy of the name

1 September 2014 , ,
The 1987 Tour de France saw Irishman Stephen Roche triumph, including one of the most memorable scenes in the Tour's history - his dramatic recovery during the stage to La Plagne, followed by his physical collapse after he crossed the finishing line.

Thank goodness Parkland Walk didn’t turn out like this

30 August 2014
Recently I went along the Rodwell Trail between Weymouth and Portland. Like north London's Parkland Walk, it runs along the route of an old railway line, but unlike Parkland Walk, the Rodwell Trail has been fully tarmaced.
Yin Xiuzhen Portable City - Dusseldorf

I want one of these in my suitcase

24 August 2014
Very clever suitcase art by Yin Xiuzhen.
Another naughty cat episode: Simon Draws: Siamese Cats thumbnail

Another naughty cat episode: Simon Draws: Siamese Cats

22 August 2014 ,
More comedy genius featuring Simon’s Cat:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
Black Sapote

The fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding

18 August 2014
Behold the Black Sapote, a.k.a “the Chocolate Pudding Fruit”
Tate Gallery accounts

The Tate’s accounts seem to show a bit of a problem with counting up to four…

14 August 2014
Hey, it’s only the financial accounts presented to Parliament for an organisation whose budget runs into hundreds of millions, but doesn’t there seem to be a little problem with counting successfully to four here?

William Tell Overture turned into parental advice: Anita Renfroe

11 August 2014
Anita Renfroe sums up all the things that a mother says to her children in a three-minute song called "Momisms" set to the William Tell Overture.
Another naughty cat episode: Simon's Cat in 'Off to the Vet' - Story Inspiration thumbnail

Another naughty cat episode: Simon’s Cat in ‘Off to the Vet’ – Story Inspiration

10 August 2014 ,
More comedy genius featuring Simon’s Cat:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
Nine Queens - DVD cover

Nine Queens: a brilliant crime thriller

8 August 2014 , ,
An entertaining and witty account of two conmen who try to pull off a huge scam, all the events happen within less than 24 hours and - a real tribute to the plot's ingenuity - it remains gripping even if you successfully guess the key plot twist early on.
Mobile phone

Been rung by 0161 827 8150? I wouldn’t do business with them

6 August 2014
The very questionable sounding claims about me made in the phone call by Red Star Financial Management lead to one clear conclusion: better safe than sorry and steer well clear.