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Spy Game: a great Tony Scott movie

Spy Game - Redford and Pitt - DVD coverTony Scott’s 2001 spy movie Spy Game is, as you might expect from the director, a more stylish affair than most. It’s also more cerebral and less action packed than you might expect from a movie combining him, Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. Indeed, Redford’s character spends the movie going through his last day at work, playing office politics – but playing it to great effect in a race against the clock to save the life of Brad Pitt, and interlaced with flashbacks which mean we do also get to see rather more of the action man Redford.

It’s one of those plots that’s a relief to watch on DVD as you can pause and rewind when the ambiguities or twists get too bemusing, although the DVD extras are rather lightweight.

If you like this, you might also be interested in Three Days of the Condor.

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Spy Game
A great Tony Scott movie
My rating (out of 5): 5.0
Mark Pack, 28 May 2015 |