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Weaponised self-referential semiotics

23 July 2014
Sign warns cyclists about itself.
Another naughty cat episode: Simon Draws: Persian Cats thumbnail

Another naughty cat episode: Simon Draws – Persian Cats

20 July 2014 ,
More comedy genius featuring Simon’s Cat:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
US population map -

A great map showing where 50% of America lives

12 July 2014
Half of all Americans are in the blue counties depicted.

How to improve a football match

6 July 2014
More of this please.
Gillespie Park, Islington

The wonders of Gillespie Park

6 July 2014
I don't think I'll wait quite so long for my next visit, especially given the fun of an unassuming entrance off a busy and messy road leading up some nondescript steps which then open up into a lovely green space.
Page Eight - written and directed by David Hare

Page Eight: typical high quality fare from David Hare

4 July 2014 , ,
Page Eight, David Hare's espionage thriller staring Billy Nighy and Rachel Weisz, is solid enjoyable fare.
Chocolate cake. Photo courtesy of - some right reserved

You’ve been cutting cakes all wrong

4 July 2014
You already know you've been tying your shoelaces wrong. But what about cake cutting? Sorry, you've been getting that wrong too.
Milky Way

Want to feel really tiny and insignificant? Look at this image

1 July 2014
I've read plenty of numbers about how big the solar system, the galaxy and the universe are. But it's hard to really appreciate when a long list of zeroes on numbers mean. Which is why this image is so brilliant.
Pizza Express Knightsbridge - toilet sign

Pizza Express: Beauchamp Place

22 June 2014
Connoisseurs of Pizza Express toilet signage (that’s me and, er…, you?) should definitely head towards the Pizza Express in Beauchamp Place, which is in the Knightsbridge district – a fact that explains the signs: The other commercial outlets along Beauchamp Place, pronounced Beech-um Place and near to Sloane Square, used to be a favourite stomping […]

Some music videos are best without any music

22 June 2014
David Bowie and Mick Jagger, without the music.