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Brevity - academic paper abstract from

Now if only more academic papers were written like this

15 September 2014
The subject may be complicated, but the summary is admirably clear.
Another naughty cat episode: Washed Up - Simon's Cat thumbnail

Another naughty cat episode: Washed Up – Simon’s Cat

14 September 2014 ,
More comedy genius featuring Simon’s Cat, with a nice reversal of the usual fortunes:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
Red wire or green wire?

A handy reminder for cyclists

13 September 2014
Can the cyclist defuse the bomb?
Pocket Guide to Chicago Architecture

Pocket Guide to Chicago Architecture

13 September 2014 ,
It's normally a pretty good sign when a book has reached its third edition, and the Pocket Guide to Chicago Architecture is no exception. Though smaller that a normal book, it's still pretty big for a pocket - but worth lugging round as it's packed full of interesting profiles of Chicago's most famous and striking buildings.
Anthony Price - Our Man in Camelot

Our Man in Camelot: quintessential Anthony Price

10 September 2014 ,
Anthony Price's thriller Our Man in Camelot is quintessential Price, as if all his other David Audley novels had been boiled down into one concentrated example.
Platform arrows at O'Hare International Airport

Neat platform signs in Chicago

8 September 2014 ,
I rather like the signs on the station platforms at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport - nice clear visual cues to encourage people to behave sensibly.
I've Never Seen Star Wars - Series 1

I’ve Never Seen Star Wars Series 1: great fun but don’t listen to just before eating

8 September 2014 , ,
The idea behind I’ve Never Seen Star Wars is brilliantly simple: get a famous person into a studio to do a series of common things that many people have done, but which they happen to have not done - such as never having seen the film Star Wars.
Chicago multi-storey car parks - photo from Daisy Benson

Chicago: much to impress, but I particularly like the multi-storey carparks

7 September 2014
Three multi-storey car parks in particular. First, the one I walked through at the airport, which had a different song playing on each level - making it easier to remember which floor drivers have parked on by giving musical cues to remember in addition to the level number.

How to store pepper

6 September 2014
A bowl of black pepper.
Ghostbusters, as a LEGO stop-motion movie thumbnail

Ghostbusters, as a LEGO stop-motion movie

5 September 2014
An homage to the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie made with LEGO bricks.