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Upper Deck Bar, Southwark

Café with a view #11: Upper Deck Bar, Southwark

20 April 2014
More a bar than a cafe, but it does food and coffee - and more importantly, does brilliant views out over the Thames, with HMS Belfast, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge all in view.

Wow, that dog can jump

19 April 2014
A great jumping dog clip from Pathe News.
BASF Oyster card holder

I rather like my new Oyster card holder

15 April 2014
Underneath the colour printing, it’s is a standard plastic card holder. But I do like the colour printing on top – and it’s done to a nice level of detail. You can buy your own Cassette Oyster Card Holder here. Cassette Oyster card holder Nice idea, well executed My rating (out of 5): 5.0 Mark […]
Did Lewis Carroll visit Llandudno - book cover

I appear to be eclectic

6 April 2014
The most popular web searches for bringing traffic to my blog today have included: lewis caroll llandudno* improve graphs gif shortest jail sentence for murder how to become political journalist * If you’re not aware of this mystery, you should be: it’s rather interesting.
Elastika screenshot

Awesome paperclips, and other office supplies

5 April 2014
Now this makes my use of drawing pins look dreadfully inadequate.
Another naughty cat episode: Crazy Time - Simon's Cat thumbnail

Another naughty cat episode: Crazy Time – Simon’s Cat

3 April 2014 ,
More comedy genius featuring Simon’s Cat:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
Damaged wing with reassuring sign. Photo via - some rights reserved

Now that’s a sensible health and safety notice

3 April 2014
This is what you want to see if you finding yourself looking at a damaged wing.
Status cards for an open plan office - from @superkartgirl

A fun way to improve an open plan office: status cards

2 April 2014
Clever idea: status cards for an open plan office.
Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett: not his best, but still good for long-term fans

27 March 2014 , ,
Terry Pratchett's 40th Discworld novel reminds me of the final episode of the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Different genre, different medium, but very similar.
Chocolate cupcakes. Photo courtesy of - some rights reserved

This isn’t just good news. This is stupendous news.

25 March 2014
It doens’t hurt to be nice to your employees. Or, failing that, just give them chocolates and Bill Bailey DVDs.