One of the most assiduous Remain campaigners pulls out of Euro elections over vote-splitting fears

Quite the week for tactical announcements by possible Remain candidates in the European Parliament elections.

Following the news of a Change UK MEP pulling out, now we have news one of the most famous Remain campaigners: Steve Bray, he of the assiduous appearance in the background on rolling TV news.

He’s changed his mind and isn’t going to run as an independent Remainer after all, citing fears of splitting the Remain vote (an important consideration given the electoral system being used).

Steve Bray tweets about European Parliament election

Even Lord Buckethead is also now thinking of pulling out, again to avoid splitting Remainer votes and inadvertently helping Nigel Farage:

Lord Buckethead considered not running against Nigel Farage

As for the Liberal Democrats: they’ll be using the ballot paper to make a point about who to vote for.