Pink News comment: David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s shotgun civil partnership is best option for gay community

The piece says:

The electoral system, with its inherent unfairness for a party with widespread but not concentrated support like the Lib Dems, was always going to end up with the Liberal Democrats in bed with either Labour or the Conservatives in a hung parliament.

The Liberal Democrats made the right choice in partner no matter how uncomfortable it feels to have a work and pensions secretary (Iain Duncan Smith) who disagreed with equal parental rights for lesbian couples, a Conservative party chairman who once claimed the abolition of section 28 meant children were being “propositioned” for gay relationships (Sayeeda Warsi), or a minister for equality (Theresa May) who has consistently (bar the crucial civil partnership act) voted against gay rights -although she does seem an odd choice. Some might be upset that we have gone from three openly gay cabinet ministers to none.

An alliance with Labour had that party agreed to it would have resulted in an unstable Government and a hasty second general election. Both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats are broke while the Tories would have relied on Lord Ashcroft’s cash.

You can read the full piece here.

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