Details of Cabinet Committees published

The Cabinet Office website has details of all the Cabinet Committees set up by the coalition government, and who sits on which.

What’s notable from the Liberal Democrat perspective is the depth of both Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander’s involvement in them. Danny Alexander sits on eight of the eleven committees whilst party leader Nick Clegg is Chair, Co-Chair or Deputy Chair of five.

The role of Cabinet Committees has varied greatly over the years, but in a government where negotiating policy agreements is at the heart of its day-to-day work, the committees will be more than just talking shops passing the time until the Prime Minister decides.

That, at least is the theory. Let’s see what reality brings…

One response to “Details of Cabinet Committees published”

  1. I would add to that that it’s quite weird (in a good way) to see our lot described as Rt Hon. Then I’d observe that it can’t be normal for the Secretary of State for Scotland to be on the National Security Council, which shows how integral Danny Alexander is to this Government. Thirdly, I think 5 Lib Dems on a European Committee of 14 is not a bad result. Fourthly, I would do almost anything up to and maybe including selling my soul to the devil to listen in on a social justice committee to see how Lynne Featherstone, David Laws and Sarah Teather take on Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May and Eric Pickles. That’ll potentially be where our lot make the biggest and best difference on this government.

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