An odd detail about that Labour immigration leaflet

Labour immigration leaflet

Labour’s highly controversial* immigration leaflet which I covered a couple of days back has been kicked into the news headlines by Labour MP David Lammy attacking it.

There’s one little oddity about this. The leaflet went out in his own constituency yet Lammy is disclaiming all responsibility for its distribution, with both he and local Labour activists saying they didn’t see it before distribution.

So it looks to be a paid-for delivery of the leaflet by Labour centrally, cutting out the local Labour party for any knowledge of contents of the leaflet.

Centrally organised paid-for delivery is a well worn tactic. But it’s odd in this case because Lammy’s majority in 2010 was 16,931.

Labour spending money on paid-for delivery in a seat with such a majority?

That’s hardly concentrating funds on marginal seats.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this, I’ve also heard from someone who has seen this leaflet in Vauxhall. Labour majority in 2010: 10,651.

* “Controversial” is a bit of a political cliche, rather like defections always involve a “top” figure, but in this case I think it’s absolutely the right term given the reaction of Labour members such as the one who posted on my Facebook wall saying, “I’m a Labour Party member in Birmingham and threw it into the bin in disgust”.

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