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210 bus route diversion: it’s because the roads are too dangerous

The mystery over the long running diversion on the 210 bus route – with the stops on Beaumount Rise closed for several weeks – has been solved. It turns out that the awful road surface along Beaumont Rise is now so bad that Transport for London decided it was no longer safe for the 210’s double-deckers to use the road.

Islington Council is responsible for the road surface but has not yet repaired it. That should finally happen in the next few weeks, which will be welcome news and not just for bus users given that the potholes along Beaumont Rise have been pretty bad for quite a while now. I’ve previously reported some of them over this summer, but apart from the occasional partial patch repair in a couple of places, the overall road has been left in a very poor state.

With a bit of luck the bus problems may ensure the comprehensive repairs that have otherwise been missing.

3 responses to “210 bus route diversion: it’s because the roads are too dangerous”

  1. Thanks for posting thi;, I’ve been wondering what’s going on. Since they’ve added in the Hazellville Road diversion stop to the annoucements, I thought it might be permanent…

    • Glad you found it useful Mary. It’s taken quite a while for publicity about the detour to start to catch on. I fear you may be right and the announcements starting are because they expect it to last a long, long time.

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