Labour Parliamentary candidate convicted of fraud: “I was completely irresponsible by choosing to run up that debt”

Richard Garvie, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough has been convicted of fraud:

The Labour Party’s Wellingborough and Rushden Parliamentary candidate has been found guilty of fraud after buying train tickets worth almost £900 using a card for a closed bank account.

Richard Garvie, 30, of Rowlett Road, Corby, who denied the charges, said he “intentionally” ran up the debt because, although he knew he did not have sufficient money in the account to pay for the 17 different transactions, he believed his bank would honour the payments…

“I used the account and intentionally ran up the debt with the bank so that, when the payments to the train company didn’t authorise, the bank would honour them and add it to my own debt … My financial plan was poor and I was completely irresponsible by choosing to run up that debt.” [Northamptonshire Telegraph]

He will be sentenced later this year.

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