Read about the 2015 general election which resulted in Conservative Party leader and incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron heading up a single-party majority government.

The outcome was a widespread surprise, and following it both Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) and Ed Miliband (Labour) resigned as leader of their party.


Why Craig Mackinlay is only partly right about the Electoral Commission

Craig Mackinlay, the Conservative MP who was cleared while a senior Conservative official was convicted over election expenses, has some very critical things to say about the Electoral Commission. … Read the full post »


13th police force sends files on alleged Conservative law-breaking to the CPS

I previously noted the bad news for Conservative MPs in the Electoral Commission’s recent report which led to a record fine being levied in the party. That report clearly pointed towards numerous Conservative MPs having broken their constituency expense limits. Enforcing such constituency limits is essentially a matter for the police rather than the Electoral … Read the full post »