Momentum faces investigation over use of people’s private data

The Labour-supporting (or rather Jeremy Corbyn-supporting) group Momentum is in the news:

The campaigning group set up by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters – Momentum – faces the prospect of an investigation by the information commissioner.

The data protection regulator said it had received a complaint about the group and would be making enquiries…

Labour figures hostile to Mr Corbyn fear that Momentum will try to undermine the Party leader’s internal critics, and have privately questioned its use of personal data.

Information gathered during the leadership campaign has been kept by Momentum, which says on its website it is collecting data to help build a lasting network of support. [BBC]

Here’s the background to the data protection controversies:

Momentum has harvested thousands of confidential personal records of Labour members, including their private emails and telephone numbers, and is already using them to operate phonebanks, it can be disclosed. The tactic has caused a major row, with Momentum’s opponents claiming it is illegal under data protection laws. [Daily Telegraph]

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