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Disagreement at the RSA: elected or appointed trustees?

There is a proposal going to the next RSA AGM to remove the RSA’s elected trustees and instead have a wholly appointed set of trustees.

The AGM already looked to have run into a bit of trouble, having to be delayed because it appeared that the rules about giving notice to all Fellows of the RSA had not been strictly followed.

Now an email is doing the rounds to put a motion to the AGM calling not only for the retention of the elected trustees but for a shift to all-elected trustees.

I’m a Fellow of the RSA, so attending the AGM is now firmly in my diary and I should come to a view. As I’m not familiar with the background to the issue so far I’ve got an open mind, save for the important instinctive preference for election over appointment for such posts. So if you know more about it, please let me know…

UPDATE: I do indeed now have more information.

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