The Eastbourne Conservative Party bar chart challenge

The 2005 general election and 2007 local elections in Eastbourne were Conservative-Liberal Democrat fights (score so far: 1 Conservative MP, 1 Lib Dem run council).

So anyone care to speculate where this bar chart, which graces a new Conservative leaflet comes from?

Conservative Bar Chart In Eastbourne

I await with eager anticipation┬áthe usual cries of outrage from the Conservative / Labour (delete as appropriate) hacks who of course believe 100% that they are perfect and it’s absolutely outrageous for anyone to criticise them and anyway, don’t you know that David Lloyd George once dropped a book on a woman’s toe, and that means no-one from THAT party could ever dare criticise anyone else – oh and did I remember to say that Conservative / Labour (delete as appropriate) are perfect and beyond reproach and anyone it is always someone else who does nasty things, really, honest – and please don’t bore me with any evidence, because it just isn’t true is it?


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