Political scorecard August 2016: Greens and Ukip lose votes and struggle to find candidates

Despite the plethora of political data knocking around online these days (the days when you had to go to the library to find a new FWS Craig book are long gone), it can be hard to find a simple summary of the key figures on how each party is performing.

Hence this little experiment in producing a monthly political scorecard. Even in this initial form it throws up nuances not caught by most political reporting, such as the fading of both Ukip and the Greens in council by-elections or how even with its huge membership surge Labour was struggling to match the Conservative ability to find candidates.

Political Scorecard August 2016

Feedback on the format and choice of data very welcome.

UPDATE: A clarification – as is usual with council by-election round-ups, these figures are for principal authority election only. A possible correction – it looks like the data source I was using (or how I was using it) didn’t cover quite all the principal council by-elections in August. Will investigate further and quote in my defence “experiment” and “initial form” above…


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