Lib Dem tip #3: 10 ways to make your local AGM better

Welcome to the latest in my series of tips and advice for Liberal Democrat members, which appear first in the email bulletin run by London Region for party members.

10 ways to make your local party AGM better

It may feel like summer is still hanging on, but already it is nearly time for the local party AGM season. Which also means it is time for planning how to make the local party AGM good rather than the minimalistic boring routine of minutes, agendas and a slightly draughty room selected mainly for its cheapness.

The use of an acronym in the name shows how much AGMs are rooted in insider bureaucracy rather than the idea of having a welcoming, fun and motivating event. With a bit of thought and planning, it is quite possible both to get through the necessary and important business yet also hold an event which is appropriate for a growing membership in search of ways to help and keep motivated.

The London Region has a factsheet with 10 top tips on how to make the best of your local party AGM. You can get a copy here – and do share any of your own ideas to help make the list (even!) better for next year.

You can read the full set of tips for Lib Dem party members here.

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