Now this was my favourite Lib Dem committee election manifesto

My 1999 Federal Conference Committee (FCC) manifesto was my favourite even if, on checking the records, I find the photo of the pile of paperwork was not as large as my memory had it:

Mark Pack 1999 Federal Conference Committee Manifesto

This time round, I’m going to be standing for the Federal Board, the successor to the¬†Federal Executive (FE). It has been created as part of the Governance Review changes which were voted through at our Brighton conference.

My main reason for running for the Federal Board, rather than standing again for the Federal Policy Committee (FPC), is to¬†give an extra push to turning the core vote / Targeting Plus ideas for the party’s strategy into reality.

Watch out for a more staid manifesto and ballot papers in the next few weeks if you are a party member. But of course if you have any questions before then, do ask away.

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