Targeting Plus: how we can rebuild the Liberal Democrats

As a follow-up to last year’s pamphlet on building a Liberal Democrat core vote, over the summer I wrote a new pamphlet: How to rebuild the Liberal Democrats, now in an updated second edition.

Packed with fifty-three specific recommendations, it’s a more direct hands-on guide to what changes the party needs to make in strategy, organisation and activity not only to recover but to build a better, more durable and then more successful party than we have managed in the past.

The Targeting Plus strategy it sets out rests on four pillars: building a core vote, increasing capacity, a different model for local party development and innovation.

It has now been updated slightly in light of the lessons from the Witney and Richmond Park Parliamentary by-elections, along with a couple of other additions in response to earlier feedback (for which, thank you).

Here is How to rebuild the Liberal Democrats in full for you to read:

UPDATE: Reinventing the Liberal Democrats (by Jim Williams and Mark Pack) takes this set of detailed ideas, adds some more, and turns it into a strategy for the party. As for the continuing importance of targeting, see this video.

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