Read about the core votes strategy proposed for the Liberal Democrats by Mark Pack and David Howarth in their pamphlet The 20% strategy: building a core vote for the Liberal Democrats (first edition: 2015).


One pdf file captures the state of the Lib Dems: LDN #120

Liberal Democrat Newswire #120 has hit subscribers’s email inboxes and includes an excellent analysis of the British electorate by Paula Surridge.  … Read the full post »


Excellent news for growing the Liberal Democrat grassroots

We must make it easier for people to get started as campaigners. People should have quick and direct access to the tools and support they need rather than being faced with a steep learning and financial curve. There is more than enough for newcomers – whether new members or old members trying to get things going (again) in an area – without the party’s way of doing things adding in extra burdens. … Read the full post »