What would Britain be like in 2030 if we Liberal Democrats had our way?

That’s the question posed in the latest initiative by the ever-excellent Your Liberal Britain. As an email from Sal Brinton explains:

As a party we strive to create and safeguard a fair, free and open society. We call it Liberal Britain for short. We know what it means to us – but what would it actually look like? And how far towards that goal could we reach by 2030?

How might a single parent’s life be different by 2030, for example? Or a pensioner’s? Or teenager’s? How would our towns, cities and countryside look different? What about our communities, jobs, schools and hospitals?

We need to set ourselves a long-term goal that’s both realistic and inspirational. And I know that you, our members, are the people the do it.

Your Liberal Britain – an exciting initiative founded by five new members and endorsed by the Federal Policy Committee – is running a competition to describe Liberal Britain in 2030.

I’m one of the judges, and I want you to take part.

Here’s what you need to do.

First things first, go here to read the judging criteria. Don’t start writing until you’ve read them! That page will also tell you how to submit your entry.

Then just write a down-to-earth description of life in Britain in 2030, in no more than 500 words, and send it in, following the instructions on that same link.

The deadline for entries is December 23rd.

The winners of the competition will join Your Liberal Britain’s writing group, who’ll work together using the winning entries to submit a shared vision statement to Conference in 2017.

For more details, you can read Your Liberal Britain’s competition description here.

Best of luck!


Sal Brinton
Party President

PS If you’d like to set out your vision for Liberal Britain through any other medium than writing – perhaps you want to make a short film, or create a map – then please feel free. Simply email your file to info@liberalbritain.org.

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