2017 general election timetable

As with the timetable for the 2017 local elections, this timetable is based on the one published by the Electoral Commission. But as ever make sure you double-check any crucial dates before relying on them. Even if there are no errors in this post or in the Electoral Commission’s timetable, a Returning Officer who has got their timetable calculations wrong can throw a spanner in the works. You want to field that spanner in good time.

EventNumber of working days* before poll Date (deadline is midnight unless otherwise stated)
Dissolution of Parliament25 daysWednesday 3 May
Receipt of writ24 daysThursday 4 May
Publication of notice of electionNot later than 22 days (4pm)Not later than 4pm on Monday 8 May
Delivery of nomination papersFrom the day after the publication of the notice of election until the sixth day after the date of dissolutionBetween 10am and 4pm on any working day after publication of notice of election until 4pm on Thursday 11 May
Deadline for delivery of nomination papers19 days (4pm)4pm on Thursday 11 May
Deadline for withdrawals of nomination19 days (4pm)4pm on Thursday 11 May
Making objections to nomination papers (except for objections on the grounds that an individual candidate may be disqualified under the Representation of the People Act 1981)Between 10am and 12 noon on Thursday 11 May objections can be made to all delivered nominations; between 12 noon and 5pm on Thursday 11 May objections can only be made to nominations delivered after 4pm on Wednesday 10 May4pm on Thursday 11 May
Deadline for the notification of appointment of election agent19 days (4pm)4pm on Thursday 11 May
Publication of statement of persons nominated, including notice of poll and situation of polling stationsIf no objections on 19 days (at 5pm). If objection(s) are made: Not before objection(s) are disposed of but not later than 18 days (4pm)If no objections: at 5pm on Thursday 11 May. Objection(s) made: not before objection(s) are disposed of but not later than 4pm on Friday 12 May
Publication of first interim election notice of alteration19 daysThursday 11 May
Deadline for receiving applications for registration12 daysMonday 22 May
Deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy applications, and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes11 days (5pm)5pm on Tuesday 23 May
Deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxies)6 days (5pm)5pm on Wednesday 31 May
Publication of second interim election notice of alterationBetween 18 days and 6 daysBetween Friday 12 May and Wednesday 31 May (inclusive)
Publication of final election notice of alteration5 daysThursday 1 June
Deadline for notification of appointment of polling and counting agents5 daysThursday 1 June
First date that electors can apply for a replacement for lost postal votes4 daysFriday 2 June
Deadline for notification of appointment of sub agents2 daysTuesday 6 June
Polling day0 (7am to 10pm)7am to 10pm on Thursday 8 June
Last time for re-issue of spoilt or lost postal votes0 (5pm)5pm on Thursday 8 June
Deadline for emergency proxy applications0 (5pm)5pm on Thursday 8 June
Last time to alter the register due to clerical error or court appeal0 (9pm)9pm on Thursday 8 June
Delivery of return as to election expensesWithin 35 calendar days after the date the election result is declaredIf result declared on Thursday 8 June: by Thursday 13 July. If result declared on Friday 9 June: by Friday 14 July
Sending postal vote identifier rejection noticesWithin 3 months beginning with the date of the pollBy Thursday 7 September 2017

* The days which are disregarded in calculating the number of working days are Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays and any day appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning.

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