Lib Dems raise double Labour in early general election fundraising push

It’s not only new members who are flooding in to the Liberal Democrats, so too is fundraising:

The Liberal Democrats claim to have raised more than twice as much as Labour from individual donors since a snap election was called.

All parties have made cash appeals to supporters after Theresa May’s surprise decision to hold an election on 8 June.

The Lib Dems say they raised £500,000 in 48 hours.

A similar Labour fund-raising drive is reported to have raised £200,000.

On members too, the Lib Dems are outpacing Labour: 8,000 new members versus 2,500 new members this week going by both party’s self-declared public figures.

A note of caution is wise: to match the other parties, the Lib Dems will need to end up raising something like £10m-£15m. It’s fantastic start, but a start on a long, long road. You can help the party take another step on that road here.

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