Posts of the week, including new defence agreements with France

The post I found most interesting to write:

The Phil Woolas judgement: Arthur Balfour was right
The election offence for which Phil Woolas’s election was overturned is, deliberately and rightly, drawn narrowly and precisely … The law has been in place for 115 years. That Phil Woolas is one of only a very small number to fall foul of it shows not that the law is too broad but that his behaviour was so awful.
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And the post I found most interesting to read:

The Entente 2010 – What does it mean & whither will it lead?
France and Britain have concluded a set of new Defence agreements that will see the countries work more closely together, but what will be the result? … Significantly, one area that does not feature at all is intelligence gathering. There is specific mention of cooperation in the areas of satellite communications, cyber-security and counter-terrorism, but nothing on broader intelligence gathering apparatus.
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