Jeremy Corbyn sacking Labour MPs who voted against Conservatives to protect Britain’s place in Single Market

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has been showings its true colours on Brexit: less than 1 in 5 Labour MPs voted against the Conservatives to protect Britain’s position in the Single Market when it came to a proposed amendment to the Queen’s Speech.

All 12 of the Liberal Democrat MPs, however, voted against the Conservatives and in favour of the Single Market:

This continues Labour’s inglorious record of lining up with the same European policies as Theresa May.

What’s more, Jeremy Corbyn is sacking Labour MPs who voted against the Conservatives:

Of course, one of the problems the Liberal Democrats had in the general election was in persuading voters that Jeremy Corbyn was not the anti-Brexit, pro-Single Market choice. This vote is a powerful reminder of how he isn’t a pro-European. But only if people know about it…


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