VIDEO: Liberal Democrats TV broadcast – Strong and Cable

Here’s the new film from the Liberal Democrats, featuring Vince Cable’s hat and in a style for fans of W1A:

3 responses to “VIDEO: Liberal Democrats TV broadcast – Strong and Cable”

  1. This is very disappointing in so far as it is a complete rip-off (and not a great one) of the BBC self-parody series, W1A.

    The LibDem Voice blog suggested that it is aimed at exactly the same demographic that W1A is targeted at.

    The actual agency that did this work is going to have to work very hard to keep this out of the media section of Private Eye.

    Assuming that the purpose it to enlighten non-LibDems and not just be an expensive aren’t we witty and wonderful internal branding reinforcement, I suggest that the important and valid messages have been subsumed in this attempt to be clever.

    Great if you are an LD fan, a bit impenetrable to the wider electorate other than continuing to reinforce the feeling that we are moderately intellectual and to be derided for it amongst many.

    Hi ho. I am but a new joiner. What do I know?

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