Jeremy Corbyn: “We’re not advocating a second referendum”

Well that’s nice and clear. In a new interview with The Independent Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long Eurosceptic, lines up with Theresa May in refusing to let the British people decide whether or not the eventual Brexit deal should go ahead or not.

He said:

We’re not advocating a second referendum.


We are formally leaving the European Union, of course, and that is the position.

That’s an approach in line with Corbyn’s unwillingness to campaign all out against Brexit during the European referendum, choosing instead to go on holiday for part of the campaign.

No wonder many Labour members and supporters are switching to the Liberal Democrats over Europe. That’s a trend backed up by a new poll finding:

The poll of people planning to vote Labour – conducted by YouGov for the Best of Britain campaign group – found 24% said they may change their minds before the next election…

The poll also found many Labour voters have opposing perceptions about the party’s current stance on Brexit. It found 32% of Labour remain voters believe Labour is “completely against Brexit” and a further 31% of Labour leave voters believe Labour is “completely in favour of Brexit”…

63% of self-identified Labour supporters say they would be “delighted or pleased” if Labour said it would stop Brexit and stay in the European Union…

The overall message from the poll is that Labour faces a greater political risk among both strong and wavering supporters if it is seen to be supporting Brexit.

Reacting to this news, Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson, said:

The Labour leadership have constantly played a game of smoke and mirrors over their Brexit position. But here they are nailing their colours to the mast in support of hard Brexit.

The party of opposition have again shirked their responsibility to oppose Theresa May’s government.

The public need to be given a say on the final Brexit deal. With Labour and the Tories marching together over the cliff, the people must be given the opportunity to exit from Brexit.

4 responses to “Jeremy Corbyn: “We’re not advocating a second referendum””

  1. When should a referendum take place? After the first deal? Or after the second (“final”) one years later?

  2. This is excellent news where there is a sizeable pro-eu vote. They just need to be reminded of what’s going on repeatedly. There should also be some anger at being deceived by Labour.

  3. All that’s needed from the next government is to treat the referendum as the non-binding opinion poll it always was and to cancel Brexit forthwith.

    The current government only jumped on the result and decided we’ve got to leave at any cost (to the taxpayer) so as to avoid having to implement the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive that due to come into force in 2019: they and their friends simply don’t like having to pay tax.

  4. I first became suspicious in the autumn of 2016 with the headlines in MSM. I asked what is in it for them? I researched the owners and hey ho discovered they are all billionaires. So conclusion at that time it was all to do with big money. Since then other details have of course come to light. Namely the EU anti-tax avoidance directive and of course the murky interference of Russian. Well, there we are I thought that’s what’s in it for them.

    But that is only one half of the story, the other is control. It has been reported that the current cabinet was mainly remain. Only one leaver. But that’s changed they are now working to take us out. So again what’s in it for them. Firstly they have their paymasters to satisfy but they also want control. To reduce the individual rights of the British people. Quote Rees Mogg ‘British workers should only have the same rights as those on the Indian continent’. To take away British peoples’ right to justice in the ECJ. I think that’s a personal one for May.

    Current conclusion is that the elite are going to do very well, tax free havens and the disabled will continue be driven to suicide and homelessness will become dramatically worse.

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