Former Labour members and supporters switch to Lib Dems over Brexit

A short sample of recent messages from people who used to support Labour until Jeremy Corbyn’s long history of Euro-scepticism (and remember that holiday during the European referendum?) dragged the Labour Party into repeatedly supporting Theresa May over Brexit:

Spot any further recently examples? Do let me know and I’ll update this post.

For the wider picture of public opinion, see my recent Euro polling round-up.

UPDATE: It’s not just Labour. Conservatives are joining too. As are more from Labour, including Flora Page.

One response to “Former Labour members and supporters switch to Lib Dems over Brexit”

  1. Though not born at the time he made the Zurich speech in September 1946, I have been reminded of it and it is on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln4SRnt4VE0. Some minor political commentator? No, it was no less than the Tory leader Winston Churchill – and what a well positioned and highly relevant speech it remains to this day, over 70 years on. It may not be the United States of Europe, it may not be the perfect European Union, but for sure it will serve generations of UK and European citizens far more securely and beneficially than the muddle that is our destiny with the ‘strong and stable’ jokers whose sole interest, because ‘they’ll be alright Jack, whatever happens,’ seems to be their own self-interest.

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