Launchpad: trying out a new type of Lib Dem event in Sheffield and London

I’m getting rather excited about the plans coming together for a very different sort of event for Liberal Democrat members: Launchpad.

It is being piloted in February in Sheffield and London, one on the weekend and one on a weekday evening. Your Liberal Britain, which has pioneered excellent and successful innovation in the way party members are involved in our policy process, is working with party HQ to put these on.

Launchpad is an exciting new Members-only event hosted by the Liberal Democrats & Your Liberal Britain, that gives you a chance to share your policy ideas, get the latest world-class campaign training from the party’s experts; find out how you can put your skills to use and to ask key Liberal Democrats your questions.

Reinventing the Liberal Democrats

There needs to be a real urgency about rebuilding the Liberal Democrats and involving the huge wave of new party members in doing so. A new pamphlet explains how to do just this. more

Both events will also feature Vince Cable, a great sign of the commitment he’s willing to make with his own time and leadership in helping to ensure the party adapts and grows to make full use of all our members, new and not-so-new.

In an ironic example of why such different events are so important to try out, I’m going to have to miss the London one in order to take the minutes at a Lib Dem committee known by an acronym. But hope to meet many readers in Sheffield.

(And if you’d like the chance to buy an autographed copy of 101 Ways To Win An Election, let me know in advance and I’ll bring an extra copy with me.)

Launchpad: the video

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