Could you do me (and the Liberal Democrats) a favour?

With the next big round of elections only a few weeks away, it’s now peak season for getting the Liberal Democrat message out to people.

One very effective way of doing that is via social media Рit can provide a sort of background noise to local offline campaigning and prompt people to take specific actions (such as go do this or this).

One way to do that is via the Liberal Democrat Newswire Facebook page. The bigger its audience, the bigger the reach for Lib Dem messages. So if you haven’t yet Liked it, would you mind doing so now? (Top tip: also set it to ‘see first’ as this short video explains.)

And if you have, you can still give it a boost by posting a quick rating of the page.

Thanks, and happy campaigning!

3 responses to “Could you do me (and the Liberal Democrats) a favour?”

  1. Totally agree. Mark, if you could follow people back and share other supporters tweets that would also help.

  2. We are having a debate regarding “Focus”. Some members are saying the Riso Focus is out of date, and we should move to glossy coloured printed ones. What is the current official view (if there is one)

    Geoff Date

    • Both very much still have a role. When you consider how little average attention people pay to a leaflet, and hence the volume that is required during an election to move views, the cheapness of well designed RISO leaflets definitely adds something to what colour leaflets can do within your expense limits, for example.

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