Read in full: consultation paper on Vince Cable’s proposals for the Lib Dems

Alongside Vince Cable’s speech on party reform today, a full consultation paper has been published setting out how members can determine what happens next. That includes two consultation sessions comes up at Brighton conference, one on Saturday on the broad plans and then one on Sunday specifically on having a registered supporters scheme.

Vince Cable’s speech is getting a full analysis in Lib Dem Newswire later today (sign up here) but for the moment, here’s the consultation paper.


2 responses to “Read in full: consultation paper on Vince Cable’s proposals for the Lib Dems”


    What have we got lose? Widening our appeal to frustrated middle-of-the road non-extremists — who perceptively don’t have a home at present — can only be for the greater good. Fed up with see-saw politics? Then sweep the Left and Right fanatics aside and be become part of the liberal-pillared Centre-Stage of politics.

  2. Bring it on. But please… simplify and clarify our message. The average reading age of the population is now 9! Only Daily Mail headline messages will work now. We have a great message, just make sure everyone can read it! A ‘celebrity’ on TV this week didn’t know who Kim Jong Un was. These are the people the majority look up to and copy, find the message which reaches them and you elected!

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