Canterbury councillor George Metcalfe joins the Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems may not have gained a seat in this week’s council by-elections but the party ends the week up in councillors thanks to news from Kent.

Conservative Canterbury councillor, and former Lord Mayor, George Metcalfe is joining the Liberal Democrats:

I have increasingly found myself moving to the left of centre and have frequently voted with the Lib Dems on the Canterbury City Council on several issues. I no longer feel able to continue as a supporter of the Conservative Party.

Alex Lister from Canterbury Liberal Democrats has welcomed him to the party:

Like George, I once campaigned for the Conservatives, but the party has become toxic.

George has chosen to side with us on a number of issues over several months and I suspect this has bruised some egos on the Tory benches.

Like many reasonable voters, moderates will always find a home with the Lib Dems.

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2 responses to “Canterbury councillor George Metcalfe joins the Liberal Democrats”

  1. “I have increasingly found myself moving to the left of centre” – nice to see someone for once admitting that they have moved parties, not because the party has changed unrecognizably, but because they themselves have changed their point of view (and without even the Keynesian guff about “the facts” changing).

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