Paddy Ashdown, Lib Dem strategy, Tim Farron’s record and overseas elections in pilot podcast #2

Microphone - Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Welcome to the second, and still possibly last, edition of a new political podcast featuring former Lib Dem Voice editor Stephen Tall and, er…, former Lib Dem Voice editor Mark Pack.

We may still be without a name, but we are now with a better audio recording setup than for pilot episode number one.

Listen and enjoy as we talk about Paddy Ashdown and how he compares with Jo Grimond, Liberal Democrat strategy, Tim Farron’s time as party leader and elections overseas.

As an added bonus, we manage the rare feat of talking politics without mentioning Brexit. Nearly.

Do let us know what you think. Should this become a regular thing?

7 responses to “Paddy Ashdown, Lib Dem strategy, Tim Farron’s record and overseas elections in pilot podcast #2”

  1. I presume it was an intentional decision to avoid Brexit for the most part, but this did mean that comments were more retrospective than prospective.

    I suppose that one reason not to discuss Brexit is that it often seems there is little new to say, however for anyone looking at the UK political scene, the country is in a terrible hole of its own making and there really seems to be no way out, at least not without digging further.

  2. Please can Stephen Tall have a better microphone! Not avoiding the Brexit, please can someone get this country to stop talking about what they voted for, and start to look at what is actually achievable. Could someone list all the main issues and give actual possibilities, so that people can see that we do understand where this country is going. We need some how to give this country its dignity back. Sorry to put this on you, but don’t know where else to go. Can we contact any MEPs past or present who can answer some of the issues on EU, i.e. Federal State / Army, not being able to change laws / rules? Also that Edward Heath was told by Brussels to bury information from us for 30 years, so then it would be too late to amend or it would frighten us off? I just want truth and I think most of this country does too!

  3. An interesting and certainly frank discussion to be putting out there – in typical open LibDem fashion! Am following Brexit developments every day so it was nice to get away from that catastrophe for a bit! Would love you to do more of these and perhaps next week DO cover Brexit with something on LibDems’ part in whatever is about to happen and how we would want to shape things would be of general interest? ALSO vitally important we get youngsters to register to vote so maybe something on that, and a discussion of merits of votes at 16 and better education about politics in school?

  4. Very interesting discussion and a pleasant change from the same turgid Brexit discussion that seems to be on endless loop everywhere in the media. Personally I missed the background noise of the bookshop/coffee shop from the first episode – it gave it a real-life quality which was a bit different and I didn’t find that it made the conversation any harder to hear.

  5. I welcome the whole idea – well done and keep going! – but I am turning it off as I can only hear Mark clearly! Something to do with voice pitch, clarity of pronunciation and speed of words, as well.

  6. I think it should continue; perhaps slightly shorter and more often so more topical. Also include more gossip about party hierarch please.

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