Could you be wonderful person number 221?

Thank you for the lovely feedback from so many readers of Liberal Democrat Newswire and my other email lists, such as: 

“Love the comprehensive by-election results coverage.”

“Thank you. It’s a great resource.”

“Full of interest, well written and well presented. Many thanks!”

After an (understandable!) dip following the 2019 general election, readership has picked up sharply and more people are now reading my monthly newsletter than ever before. 

But you know what’s also up? Costs, alas. In particular, a combination of MailChimp price rises and of previous price discounts expiring means that core cost is up 45% over the year. 

So you probably know what’s coming next.

My annual appeal to ask if you’re able to sign up for a small regular donation to help offset those costs.

220 people have very kindly donated in the year since my last appeal. Could you be lovely person number 221?

There are also details on that link for giving a one-off donation too if that suits you better. (As most of my costs are monthly commitments, small regular monthly donations have the added bonus of making the financial management more efficient, but I know they don’t suit everyone.)

It’ll only take you a few moments.

As a special thank you, I’ll put everyone who donates this time round in a prize draw to win a copy of my book, Bad News: what the headlines don’t tell us.

Meanwhile, February’s edition of Lib Dem Newswire will be out shortly, including a look at where public opinion now stands on Britain’s future relations with the EU.

Many thanks and happy reading.

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