General election year: your support can go a long way

Across 1.2 million emails and 21,000 podcast downloads over the past year, there’s been a common purpose: collating, filtering, analysing and explaining news about the Liberal Democrats, and the key relevant evidence from the polls and academic research.

That’s going to be all the more important, and I hope useful, as we near the Westminster general election.

The mainstay of it all, Liberal Democrat Newswire, is most likely the longest-running single-authored political email newsletter in Britain. Eeek.

It, along with all my other email lists about the Liberal Democrats, remains free for anyone to sign up to and receive all the content in full.

That’s only possible thanks to the support of wonderful readers who mention these newsletters and podcasts to others, keeping the audiences growing rather than shrinking, and who donate to help cover the costs.

So you probably know what’s coming next.

My annual appeal to ask if you’re able to sign up for a small regular donation to help offset those costs.

There are also details on that link for giving a one-off donation too if that suits you better. (As most of my costs are monthly commitments, small regular monthly donations have the added bonus of making the financial management more efficient, but I know they don’t suit everyone.)

It’ll only take you a few moments.

Thank you!

As a special thank you, if you sign up for a new monthly donation, I will send you a link to get the paid-for version of my polling newsletter, The Week in Polls, free for a whole year.

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