Can you help keep my emails going?

Thank you for the lovely feedback so many people have for my emails about the Liberal Democrats, polling and politics:

“Thank you for the latest instalment. It has been enlightening reading.”

“Thank you. It’s a great resource.”

Readership has been up sharply in the last few months, and is now at its highest since the excitement of the Lib Dem vote share topping the opinion polls.

I’ve got plans to build on that this year with expanded coverage each month of what the opinion polls and focus groups say – crucial information to understand what is going on in politics and to make the right decisions about how to change our politics.

You’ll also see a new Q&A feature where I cover the questions that most baffle people about how the Liberal Democrats are run, making it easier for people to get involved and making our internal democracy more meaningful.

So you probably know what’s coming next. My annual appeal to help cover the costs of running all this.

Unfortunately, MailChimp raised the prices for long-standing customers like myself by nearly a quarter last year.

So with costs continuing to rise, I need to ask if you’re able to sign up for a small regular donation to help offset those costs.

There are details on that link for giving a one-off donation too if that suits you better. (As most of my costs are monthly commitments, small regular monthly donations have the added bonus of making the financial management more efficient, but I know they don’t suit everyone.)

It’ll only take you a few moments but will bring great benefits all through the year for all these services.

We’ve seen how much illiberal causes can benefit from smart use of digital channels. We need to make sure they’re not the only ones doing so. Can you help?

Many thanks.

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