European Parliament election results: rolling coverage

More analysis of the election results, and what the Lib Dems need to do next, will appear in the next Liberal Democrat Newswire (sign up here) and in the next episode of the Never Mind The Bar Charts podcast.

Well, here we go…

It’s been an election campaign with remarkably good polls for the Liberal Democrats, even suggesting the party could beat the Conservatives for the first time in a national election since 1906. Turnout figures coming out since Friday have been positive too.

What will happen? Check back and read updates as they come.

The short version:

The longer version:

UPDATE: And here are the European Parliament election results broken down by constituency estimates.

2 responses to “European Parliament election results: rolling coverage”

  1. Why was the election coverage on BBC 1 on Sunday night so boring, given what was happening. Why do they insist on getting views from party representatives rather than showing the results as they come in- from all over Europe in this case ! Results from individual councils would have shown the much more accurate and exciting change that was really happening. Instead the BBC subjected us to interviews with party reps who had no idea what was going on !

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