Why conventional wisdom may have it wrong about Remain campaigners

Remain campaigners are, in the conventional political wisdom, meant to be disparate, divided, indecisive and losing.

But consider the following sequence of events.

One, the leading Leave party loses its Parliamentary majority at a general election.

Two, the leading Leave party crashes to single figures in a nation-wide election as the Leave camp splits deeply with the rise of a new Leave party.

Three, the leading Leave party loses its Prime Minister.

Four, Brexit still hasn’t taken place.

Five, in a desperate bid to make Brexit happen, the Prime Minister is driven to a headline-grabbing gambit… that only a quarter of voters support.

Now, remind me who are meant to be the campaigning dunces in all this…?

Especially as that unpopular headline-grabbing gambit is – courtesy of introducing a new time pressure and a new focus of anger – just the sort of thing that may very well drive together, not apart, that Remain coalition.


P.S. Of course, depending on the course of events to come, this post may end up looking very foolish. But I’ll be able to console myself that at least it won’t look as foolish as Matt Hancock:


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