VIDEO: ‘We’re at our best together’ – Jo Swinson in Lib Dem party political broadcast

Missed the Liberal Democrat party political broadcast (PPB) this week? Or really liked it and want to share it with others?

Here you go…

The idea of focusing a party political broadcast so closely on the personal background of a party leader was made famous by Neil Kinnock in 1987, since copied by others such as Paddy Ashdown and Tim Farron.

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2 responses to “VIDEO: ‘We’re at our best together’ – Jo Swinson in Lib Dem party political broadcast”

  1. Britain has a reputation internationally for fair play. It is not fair play for a cosy two/party system to exclude Lib Dems from the party politicial debate on ITV this week. It is not fair play for a Tory party to manipulate a web site purporting that it was an independent site when it was the Tory party pumping out their own agenda. The Tory party once were called the nasty party. Now it has become the ghastly party. And Boris Johnson – a journalist like me is a disgrace to the profession.

  2. It’s good to ‘introduce’ Jo in this election but don’t make the mistake of 2010 – show strength in depth, the leader in front (of the Cabinet in Waiting), not alone. Should be more than Jo on the side of the bus!

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