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Why the innocuous looking Ipley Cross junction is so dangerous

In this video Tom Scott dives into why a seemingly innocuous road junction – Ipley Cross, in the middle of the New Forest – is such a problem for cycling safety:

One response to “Why the innocuous looking Ipley Cross junction is so dangerous”

  1. Very interesting, but the thing that really got me was the number of car drivers that did not stop. I looked again and counted. Of the 14 cars that were shown that should have stopped, only 4 did (other cars are shown approaching but we don’t see them all the way). The other 10 did not stop. OK several pretended to stop, but were rolling all the time and a good number did not even get close to stopping. It would be funny of it was not dangerous.
    It does not look like it was staged, as the guy is just standing there and talking while drivers run the stop signs, so I assume its a true, but small, sample
    If you can’t change the junction then maybe a camera and some fines would change things quickly…

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